Thank you for considering First United Methodist Church for your wedding ceremony. Whether you are interested in holding a big or small wedding, we will work with you to make your special day very memorable and wholesome.

A wedding is one of the happiest and holiest moments in life. As two persons join their lives to establish a home, the church rejoices with them and is eager to help them make their wedding a meaningful occasion. It is not necessary for a wedding to be elaborate in order to be beautiful. The true beauty of the experience lies in the spirit and attitudes of those who take part. At First United Methodist Church, we believe that a wedding is not a social function, but a religious service of worship. As such, the music, floral decoration, ceremony, and movement of the wedding must be in keeping with the dignity and sacredness of worship. These guidelines are to insure that your wedding will be well planned and in keeping with accepted standards of sacred worship.

For your wedding needs, please email or call us with any questions or download our wedding-policy. This booklet contains fee information, scheduling information, music selections, photographer guidelines, reception guidelines, florist guidelines, and more.

Download the United Methodist Church order of Service of Christian Marriage. (From the UMC’s Book of Worship)

View online the UMC’s order of Services of Christian Marriage.