Green Policy
The Administrative Council of the First United Methodist Church of Taylor, Texas understands that every action has consequences that affect other humans and the earth. We resolve to become aware of the outcome of our actions as it affects the environment, reduce our waste and walk lightly on the earth. This practice is consistent with the words of The Holy Bible, the teaching of John Wesley and in accordance with the Methodist Book of Discipline. We recognize the responsibility of the church and it’s members to place a high priority on changes in economic, political, social, and technological lifestyles to support a more ecologically equitable and sustainable world leading to a higher quality of life for all God’s creation. (“UMC Social Principles”, The Natural World, pp 160)
As a church, we pledge to work toward the following environmentally safe practices whenever possible.
1. Consider a solar water heating system.
2. Educate ourselves. Learn about the environment, climate change, ecological justice and voluntary simplicity.
3. Purchase energy from alternative energy sources, purchase high efficiency appliances, programmable thermostats, compact fluorescent light bulbs when needed.
4. Turn off unused appliances/equipment at the strip/plug.
5. Set refrigerator at 40 F and freezer at 0 F. Set water heater at 120 F, use cold water for rinsing. Insulate and seal leaks in windows and doors.
6. When remodeling church, use green standards.
7. Use non-toxic products for cleaning.
8. Limit water use, install low flow faucets
9. Buy fair trade, organic, local foods and products whenever possible.
10. Use recycled, post-consumer paper products, use cloth when possible. Avoid plastic, polystyrene.
11. Use non-disposable glasses, mugs, plates, bowls and silverware most of the time.
12. Do dishes by hand.
13. Plant trees.
14. Xeriscape and save water.
15. Recycle, Reduce, Reuse, provide bins appropriately.
16. Have churchwide rummage sales.
17. Increase our understanding of greening homes, churches & workplaces with others.
18. Use devotional materials to enhance the love of nature and our care of it.
19. Increase our understanding of environmentally friendly legislation and policies.
20. Increase our understanding of social justice organizations and environmental organizations
Adopted by FUMC, Taylor, TX. Administrative Council, April 13, 2009