I understand that finding a new church is not easy.  So I would like to give you some brief ideas of what we as a church are trying to do.
  • In Sunday morning worship, we want you to leave a service with a sense of “Wow! God is here!” 
  • We also want our messages to be applicable to your day to day decisions.

I understand that if you are a parent, you have high goals and good intentions to raise your children right.

  • Before your children begin their own journeys of life, you want to expose them to the love and teachings of the Lord. 
  • If you are coming with kids, you can certainly bring them to worship with you, or you can take them to the nursery. 
  • If you leave your child in a classroom or nursery and a need arises, we have a person who will contact you in worship.

I understand that visiting a new church can be intimidating, especially if you do not know anyone.  But I would like to tell you that people at Taylor First United Methodist Church are very warm, loving and caring. 

I hope you will come to church a few minutes early, or stay a few minutes after church, so we can get to know you and become friends! 

In my experience, while finding information on a church through a website can be helpful, personally visiting a church gives a much clearer picture.

So I encourage you to visit us.  Thank you for exploring our church!

Pastor Yohan Baek