Administrative Council Chairperson Brian Gray
Lay Leader Marsha Beckermann
Finance Chairperson Leland Stevens
Staff/Pastor Parish Relations Chairperson
Shelli Cobb
Trustees Chairperson Frank Chavana
Annual Conference Delegates
Marsha Beckermann
Betty Brown
Stewardship Chairperson Jim Curik
Children’s Ministry
Tiffany Charles
Youth Ministry
Matt Chaney
Missions Shirley Ball
Melissa Burrow
Elizabeth Slone
Heidi Price-Williams
Fellowship Shirley Ball 
Church Meals Coordinators
Lisa Drummond, Ellen Hannington
Mother’s Day Out Committee Chairperson
Kristi Chavana
Altar Guild Coordinator Lisa Drummond  
Membership Secretary TBD
Bereavement Coordinators
Below you will find a complete listing of our committees for 2018, as well as a helpful guide for each of the committees roles and responsibilities. If you would like a printed copy, just let the pastor or our church Admin know and we’ll be happy to print a copy for you.