Member Spotlight
To facilitate new members getting to know the congregation, and maybe even long-time members learning something new about each other, every so often we will feature one of our members with a spotlight article. We will begin with our members who have recently joined and continue by randomly choosing a member from our membership directory. Couples will have individual turns. Robin McKinley will contact you when your name is chosen, and arrange for an interview to gather the information for the spotlight. Stay tuned for the fun!

Member Spotlight, Bob Keller

Bob Keller Member Spotlight September 18, 2016
In central Kansas, about 50 miles west of Wichita, is a little town called Penalosa. That’s where Bob Keller grew up on a farm. In another little town close by, Donna Keller grew up, and Bob met her while they were still in high school, and they later married. They have four children, two boys and two girls. The youngest boy lives in Georgetown and they moved to Taylor to be close to him. The other three live in Florida, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania. They have nine grandchildren, and five great-grandchildren, with two more arriving soon. Bob says the experience of having children made him a stronger person. All of us parents know what he means!
Bob was one of seven children himself, six boys and one girl. A favorite family story is about Bob and his brother climbing the outside of a 60-foot tall silo to install a blower pipe.
It’s that can-do attitude that held Bob in good stead in his years of working for Boeing and later as manager of computer programming for IBM. Going from a time when they used punch cards for programming up until the modern computer era, Bob saw a lot of change in his field. In the last 4 or 5 years of work, he worked on Data and Process Programming, and used a modeling tool which he got very good at, and enjoyed doing.
The Keller family moved every 7 years until Bob retired, living such places as New Orleans, Huntsville, Alabama, and Little Meadows, Pennsylvania. Everywhere they lived, they made life-long friends.
After retiring, Bob and Donna moved back to the Penalosa, Kansas farm where he was raised. They raised show llamas for 17 years, and Bob was treasurer and later president for the Golden Plains Llama Association. They entered their llamas into many shows and had three champion male llamas that were in the top ten in the nation.
Bob and Donna joined Taylor FUMC three years ago when they moved to Taylor. He was an enthusiastic member of the Grace Notes choir, playing guitar and even learning bass to add to the music. He says playing guitar is the most fun he has ever had, and Donna reports he has a very nice voice. Bob’s favorite hymns are “Here I Am, Lord” and “The Hymn of Promise”. The music to “Here I Am, Lord” is chiseled into his headstone.
Even his church friends may not know that he used to carry a 172 average in bowling, and that he has a garden railway layout that includes 4 complete trains, buildings, people, horses and wild animals and 600 ft. of track. Be on the lookout! He may set it up for Christmas this year. Bob collects many things including belt buckles (beginning with his dad’s collection), coins, butter churns, and depression glass. And if money were no object, Bob would set up a charity foundation that would provide babysitting services to allow women with small children to attend college.
What a blessing to us that Bob Keller is a member of our church!

Member Spotlight, Lynn Bedard


Member Spotlight September 11, 2016

Lynn Bedard

 If you haven’t had the chance to meet Lynn Bedard, be sure to give her a hearty welcome.  We are so glad to hear from Lynn that on her very first visit at an 8:30 service, she received a warm welcome at Taylor FUMC.  She says that members scooped her up and invited her to sit with them, and she immediately knew that this church was a good fit for her.  She particularly remembers the warm welcome from Vesta Ryan and Betty Brown, who immediately invited her to choir.

Formerly a Catholic, Lynn was drawn to the United Methodist Church because of its doctrines and the practice of good works.  And speaking of good works, she has already volunteered to help with UMCOR’s projects of rebuilding the homes damaged by last year’s floods.

Lynn grew up in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, which is in the western part of Massachusetts.  While she loves Texas, she does miss the snow.  She has 2 boys, Matthew, 28, and Jonathan, 24, both of whom work in computer science.  Matthew is married to Laura, and they live in Belton, while Jonathan lives in Georgetown.  Lynn is very proud of her boys, and considers them to be her biggest success in life.

Lynn worked for many years as a computer systems manager for companies such as ITT.  Out of 1500 engineers and professionals, there were only two women, including Lynn.  Later, Lynn became a math teacher and worked for many years in Austin.  Four years ago, Lynn transferred to the Taylor ISD.  Now, she teaches math to secondary students at the Taylor Opportunity Center.  Even while teaching in mainstream classes, Lynn gravitated to helping students who were a little more in need of assistance than other students.  Now, she relishes those experiences when students go from being in trouble to being actively engaged in school and even sports. “I love my job,” she says.

Lynn’s friends describe her as a little crazy and you can see why when you hear the story of how she came to be called “Math Goddess”.  She got that name when students were calling her “Miss”, which she didn’t particularly like, and so she told them to call her Ms. Bedard, or it was okay to call her Math Goddess.  The name stuck.

Her talents include singing which she did quite regularly, often as a soloist, and for “by audition only” choirs.  She used to roller skate competitively, and learned Tae Kwon Do along with her boys.  She also sews, knits and crochets.  She also is quite handy with a saw and hammer, and knows how to lay floor tile, which she offered to do for UMCOR.  She once said she was going to build some shelves, and her ex-husband said, “You can’t do that.”  To which she replied, “Watch me.”  And she did.

When asked what she would do if money were no object, Lynn immediately said “Draw house plans.”  She originally wanted to be an architect.  And she would spend her time traveling all over the US.  She once spent 30 days traveling up the eastern coast of the United States, camping the entire way.  All her camping gear was fit into the trunk of her tiny Miata, and she would love to do that again.

Welcome to Taylor FUMC, Lynn, the Math Goddess!  It is going to be such fun having you with us.